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All Services will be closed 12/1/2018 due to retirement.

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Heart Of Tennessee Closing

After 24 Years of Internet and Email services, we are closing our doors.
We closed our BBS or Bulletin Board System last month, after 36 years, Supporting all types of computers with computer communications and dial up services.

If you are using a email address on this domain, then please create another email address, or another email server.
Emails at and will not be available after 12/1/2018.

I wish to thank all of our users over the past years for supporting us and traveling through time since the Internet was first created and some REAL OLD users who began in the days of BBS and Fido Net emails.

Thank You for all your help and support!

Larry Reeves

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  Heart Of Tennessee is a provider of computer communications, supplying connections through a Bulletin Board Service and Internetworking connections since 1982. It has been our goal to offer as many options that will enhance our customer's use of the Internet and the services it provides. Please leave us any comments or suggestions you may have for our service or any of our representatives.  

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