Web & Email Services

HOT WEB Service:
Our Web Services support many types of CMS programs and HTML.

These programs make it easy to create and maintain a web site for business or personal use.
This Web Page was created with Joomla 3.4, a Content Management System program.

HOT E-Mail Service:
Our Email service is un-surpassed with options not available anywhere else.
POP3, Standard email access. (Outlook Express, Outlook and other mail programs)
WebMail, access your email from any internet connection in the world.
IMAP, email access keeps all your mail in sync. PC, Web and Cell Phones.

Each email account includes.

Archived email, never loose another email, up to one year storage.
Email filters for Spam, Friends Lists and Kid Safe options.
Email Virus filtering updated automatically from our virus mfg.

Manage multiple Email accounts from one login.
Blogs, Create your own blog and post pictures or files.
Calendar, maintain your scheduled events and share them with others.
Instant Messaging, create your own chat and discussion groups.

WebDav Support
Each email account has access to a WebDav area on the server, this can be used to:

  • Share files
  • Publish small static web sites
  • Generic network storage/backup
  • Import/export calenders from some applications (e.g. thunderbird)
  • You can mount this network area as a drive in windows (using 'webdrive' software)
  • Use for iphone or android applications that require a webdav area.

Access your File area at: https://mail.heartoftn.net:7443/wd/YourUserName 

HOT BBS / Heart Of Tennessee Bulletin Board Service
Visitors Welcome, Telnet hotbbs.net or WEB Telnet bbs.heartoftn.net and Web access at: www.hotbbs.net
Use your Modem and connect to our BBS Dial Up Number: 615-890-8715
This BBS offers Telnet, FTP and E-Mail as well as On-Line Games. 
Download Programs and access it all with any computer type.  All you need is a 
modem, terminal software and a phone line to dial in.




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