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Email and Web services are no longer available as of 1/1/2018

All Current Users will no longer be charged for services.

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Email and Web Hosting Services

Email includes access through any Internet connection point.
Supporting all types of email programs on-line, off-line and mobile with secure connections, SSL for the best in Email Security. Send Encrypted Emails.
Use IMap to keep email synced between Desktop, Mobile and WebMail.
WebMail service gives you global access of your email with spell check, folders and archive storage of all your email for up to one year or more. Never loose an email again

Each Email account includes:
Alias Email accounts,
Multiple accounts accessible from one login.
Folder creation and organization.
Spell checking with multi-language. Drag and Drop, Copy and Paste when using FireFox or Google Chrome Browsers.
Calendar, Calendar Sharing.
Mailing Lists, send the same emails to a group of friends.
Spam Control and blocking, you have full control.
Virus Scanning on all messages.
Photo and File Sharing.
Blog creation and sharing

Web Hosting:
Hosting your web pages at
Create pages using HTML or many (CMS) Content Management Systems like Wordpress or Joomla, among others.
Business accounts include eMail Business Manager to manage your company employee's emails

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  Heart Of Tennessee is a provider of computer communications, supplying connections through a Bulletin Board Service and Internetworking connections since 1982. It has been our goal to offer as many options that will enhance our customer's use of the Internet and the services it provides. Please leave us any comments or suggestions you may have for our service or any of our representatives.  

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